Cabbage Griddle Cakes

An easy-peasy gluten-free recipe packed with goodness of cabbage which will win everyone’s hearts. You must try this recipe for your family and friends, I am sure they will love this healthy appetizer.   Ingredients: 1 cup shredded cabbage ½ cup besan or chickpea flour ¼ cup chopped onions 1 tsp chopped green chillies ½ tspContinue reading “Cabbage Griddle Cakes”

Millet Black Chickpeas Sliders

If you want to eat healthy burger then this recipe is for you.You will not have any guilt while having this because it has all the richness of vitamin B12 from millets, good source of protein from black chickpeas and lastly good fats from walnuts. Ingredients: 1 cup boiled black chickpeas 1 cup cooked foxtailContinue reading “Millet Black Chickpeas Sliders”

Gluten Free Oats Banana Pancakes

Light and fluffy gluten free pancakes are soft and delicious. These pancakes will kickstart your day on a healthy note. I am sure this would be your go to breakfast recipe. Ingredients: 1 medium ripe banana ¾ cup oats 3 tbsp almond flour 2 tbsp ground flax seeds  1 tbsp tapioca starch or cornstarch 1Continue reading “Gluten Free Oats Banana Pancakes”