Gluten Free Oats Banana Pancakes

Light and fluffy gluten free pancakes are soft and delicious. These pancakes will kickstart your day on a healthy note. I am sure this would be your go to breakfast recipe. Ingredients: 1 medium ripe banana ¾ cup oats 3 tbsp almond flour 2 tbsp ground flax seeds  1 tbsp tapioca starch or cornstarch 1Continue reading “Gluten Free Oats Banana Pancakes”

Flax Seeds and Curry Leaves Podi

Podis are nutritious and very famous in South India. Traditionally, podi is eaten with hot steamed rice mixed with ghee. I must say the taste is pure bliss and It is my personal favourite. Ingredients: 2 cups tightly packed curry leaves ¼ cup chana dal(bengal gram) ¼ cup flax seeds 3 tbsp urad dal 2Continue reading “Flax Seeds and Curry Leaves Podi”

Dried Apricot Compote/ Khubani ka Meetha

This is an ultimate dessert for the fruit lovers. Originally from Hyderabad, this sweet and tangy dessert with just two ingredients will surely tickle your taste buds.  Ingredients: 50 dried apricots 6tbsp sugar Procedure: Wash the dried apricots and soak them in 3 cups of water overnight. Remove the softened apricots and do not discardContinue reading “Dried Apricot Compote/ Khubani ka Meetha”