Namaste 🙏, my name is Lavanya, my roots are from Andhra Pradesh but was brought up in the steel city of India, Bhilai and currently residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am a mother to three kids, 2 human kids and one golden retriever. I thoroughly enjoy cooking for family and friends as I believe it is the best mode of communication with people. When I serve my loved ones with dishes made with warmth and devotion, I feel connected with them, heart to heart. My motto is to eat healthy, stay healthy and also promote home cooking. 

My recipes are for both vegetarian and vegan lovers. My goal is to make unique recipes with the same old vegetables and make them much more tempting to eat. My kids are very picky when it comes to eating vegetables and so I had to find new ways to bring to them the goodness of vegetables without realising😏. Dessert is my forte and I absolutely love baking cakes.

The name of my blog Mitahara is about having a balanced diet. Mitahara isn’t any ordinary name, there is a lot of history out there and several ancient texts which describe in depth about Mitahara.. but I just love this name and the concept behind it . Everyday, I like to follow Mitahara, the alluring concept on diet and nutrition recounted in Indian philosophy and ancient books.

Many yogis who practice a sattvic diet also implement the principle of mitahara by mindfully eating in moderation viz. eating light in small portions of diverse foods. 

 I ‘d want everyone to try these recipes and relish them with your loved ones.