Saffron Milk Cake

Saffron Milk Cake is a delightful dessert combining saffron’s aromatic flavours with a moist sponge cake. Infused with saffron, the cake has a golden hue and subtle floral fragrance. The light and fluffy texture of the sponge cake pairs perfectly with the rich saffron-infused milk mixture. Topped with creamy frosting and an additional drizzle ofContinue reading “Saffron Milk Cake”

Bird Nest Baklava

A delicious and irresistible dessert that is sure to impress. As someone living in Abu Dhabi, I couldn’t resist trying this special treat, and now you can too with this simple recipe. Get ready to indulge in a juicy and sweet dessert that will have you craving for more! Ingredients for syrup: Baklava ingredients: Directions:

Mutter Mithai

This recipe was inspired from a Master chef episode. Mutter Mithai is a delightful Indian sweet dish made with soft green peas and milk solids, delicately flavoured with gulkand, cardamom and saffron. A perfect balance of sweetness and richness in every bite! Ingredients: Filling ingredients: Directions:

Eggless Pistachio cake

Pistachio nuts are a particularly flavorful and aromatic nut that are best when used in cakes. The green pistachio cake is a wonderful touch to the festive table that doesn’t require much effort at all. Ingredients : Ingredients for sugar syrup : Procedure :

Eggless Chocolate Cupcake

Eggless chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream is a delight and an amazing treat  for chocolate lovers. I made these decadent cupcakes for a pink ribbon charity for Women’s health awareness. These campaigns are so helpful to bring awareness, hope and peace. Ingredients : Ingredients for chocolate frosting: Procedure :

Sweet Potato Brownie

Sweet potato brownie recipe is such an interesting recipe because no one will expect that there is sweet potato in these yummy fudgy brownies. Trust me they come out so perfect that you cannot stop eating them. And don’t forget they have the goodness of sweet potato. Ingredients : procedure: 1.      Cut sweetContinue reading “Sweet Potato Brownie”