Rajma Chawal is my all-time favourite dish. When I first started learning how to cook, this was the first recipe I wanted to master. It’s the perfect comfort food for me, and I just love it. I know that many people already know how to make Rajma, but I still wanted to share this recipeContinue reading “Rajma”

Nuvvulu Podi (Sesame Chutney)

Spicy Nuvvulu podi with hot rice and ghee is simply divine. This recipe is part of Andhra cuisine. We all know how good sesame is for our health. Try this and let me know. Ingredients : Procedure : 1. Dry roast cumin, chana dal and dry red chilli, grind it and keep aside. 2. DryContinue reading “Nuvvulu Podi (Sesame Chutney)”