Mutter Mithai

This recipe was inspired from a Master chef episode. Mutter Mithai is a delightful Indian sweet dish made with soft green peas and milk solids, delicately flavoured with gulkand, cardamom and saffron. A perfect balance of sweetness and richness in every bite! Ingredients: Filling ingredients: Directions:

Sugar Free Ladoo

Sugar free ladoo is made with whole wheat flour, dry fruits, lotus seeds, Gum Acacia, ghee and dry dates powder. Dry dates powder has many benefits and replaces sugar. Try this recipe and let me know. Ingredients : 2 cups whole wheat flour ½ cup pista ½ cup almonds 1 cup lotus seeds ½ cupContinue reading “Sugar Free Ladoo”

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is the classic winter dessert of India in every home. This recipe brings your family closer together, because everyone needs to give a hand to keep stirring. I definitely follow the long authentic process because the taste of the halwa makes all the hard work worth it. Ingredients: 2 kgs of redContinue reading “Gajar Ka Halwa”