Millet Burger

This is my way of giving millet to my kids. Homemade Burger patty which is full of nutrients and freshly made at home with goodness of millet, beetroot. Kids are happy to eat millet and beetroot without any hitch. Its a great achievement for me. I am sure you can make it for your family.Continue reading “Millet Burger”

 Idiyappam Upma

This is a new favourite in my house, which is healthy, easy to make and so filling. You can add your choice of vegetables and most of all it is gluten free. Try this and let me know. For all those who are staying in the UAE, getting Idiyappam packets is very easy. Ingredients :Continue reading ” Idiyappam Upma”

Green Apple Rasam (Charu)

Steaming rice and Rasam is a healthy and soothing combination. Check this easy rasam recipe which I made with green apple. I like to include fruit in my rasam because it gives a nice tangy flavour. Plum Rasam which I made long ago, check the recipe in my blog Ingredients : Tempering ingredients :Continue reading “Green Apple Rasam (Charu)”

Sarson ka Saag

Winter special sarson ka saag with Makkai ki roti is a must in Punjabi families. I love its taste, so I had to make it. My dear friend Ritu gave a recipe for sarson ka saag. Check out this Classic healthy dish, which you can make easily in your home.If you get Bathua leaves addContinue reading “Sarson ka Saag”

Vada Pav Bites

Aren’t they cute? Try this perfect recipe for vada which is crispy from outside and flavourful from inside. I made green chutney by just grinding coriander leaves, green chilli, garlic,salt, and lemon juice. Dry garlic chutney is store bought. Presenting in a creative way made all the difference. Not to forget, the best things inContinue reading “Vada Pav Bites”

 Fresh Green Chana Chaat

Fresh green chana is available in winter season in India. Fresh green chana is so tender that you can munch while peeling its outer shell. Green chana is full of rich nutrients. Winters are time to eat big meals as a lot of fresh produce is available which is good for our health.Check this easy,Continue reading ” Fresh Green Chana Chaat”