Nuvvulu Podi (Sesame Chutney)

Spicy Nuvvulu podi with hot rice and ghee is simply divine. This recipe is part of Andhra cuisine. We all know how good sesame is for our health. Try this and let me know. Ingredients : Procedure : 1. Dry roast cumin, chana dal and dry red chilli, grind it and keep aside. 2. DryContinue reading “Nuvvulu Podi (Sesame Chutney)”

Sweet Potato Brownie

Sweet potato brownie recipe is such an interesting recipe because no one will expect that there is sweet potato in these yummy fudgy brownies. Trust me they come out so perfect that you cannot stop eating them. And don’t forget they have the goodness of sweet potato. Ingredients : procedure: 1.      Cut sweetContinue reading “Sweet Potato Brownie”

Leftover Rice Recipe

Sometimes we are left with a bowl of rice and have no clue what to do with it. Well with this recipe you can give a complete makeover for staple rice. This will not only waste the rice but gives you something exciting to eat. Ingredients : 1 ½ cup cooked rice ¼ cup greenContinue reading “Leftover Rice Recipe”